The basics

The basics

The app is built around the marketplace The Plaza. A place for coaches to meet their clients on their premises. A place for clients to find coaches with the right skills.

The plaza


All users, both Coaches and Clients can access the market free of charge. No fixed start up fee, no monthly fee.

You only pay for the albums you download. And, the coach get paid for their work.


  • Only show albums from professional coaches
  • Filter 1: 4 parameters -> popularity, category, language and price.
  • Filter 2: ”others who likes what I like also…”
  • Search
  • Switch between coach and album view



You may follow any coach you like and their icon will show up in the admin screen myCoach’n’I.

Under the email-icon you will receive albums that are sent directly to you, you will receive and install album updates, you may see and delete albums that you have shared directly to others.

You can easily switch between coach view and album view.


  • Search & follow
  • Incoming/outgoing albums (Mailbox services)
    • Inbox
    • Update
    • Shared via Private share
    • Shared to The Plaza
  • Change view: coach and album
  • Create album (album view only)

Coach Home Screen

mini market and launch screen

Tapping on the coach icon will take you to the coach home screen.

An inactive album, you may prelisten and read more about it before you decide to buy and download.

An active album is ready to be used.


  • Follow/unfollow
  • Filter based on language
  • Redeem discount code
  • ”Album I like”
  • Info about coach
  • Launch album to Daily Coaching
  • Learn more about album before buying Daily

Daily Coaching

for your personal development

When tapping on an active album you come to Daily coaching.

Not only can you listen to the tracks, we have built in different functions to increase the motivation and hence the usage.

We want the clients to be successful in their attempt to increase their quality of life.


  • Listen to album
  • Follow coach
  • Like album
  • Friendly reminder settings
  • Goal tracker
  • Share your experience

Positive Coaching Creator

make it easy to create an album

Anyone can create an album, complete with tracks, icon and theme.

Anyone can share their own album peer to peer (family, friends or clients) using Private share.

Only coaches can share their own album to The Plaza.


  • create album
    • tracks
    • theme
    • icon
    • settings / album info
  • preview

My profile

admin of your account

When you want to change your profile. Or follow your statistics.

  • Edit profile (image and info)
  • Statistics (coach only)
  • Change password
  • Add theme (coach only)
  • Logout
  • Delete account

Settings & Info

global info and settings

Some good information and you may want to take backup of the albums you have created.

  • About myCoach’n’I
  • Terms & conditions
  • Report a bug/suggestions
  • Rate us
  • Backup and restore

Left side menu

easy and direct navigation

Keeping the app together.

  • My Profile
  • MyCoach’n’I screen
  • The Plaza
  • Settings & info

Create account

there are 4 kinds

1. Client account

For you who follows one or more coaches.

2.  Coach account

For you who want to share and sell your exercises.

And for you who are a coach and wants to recommend the work of other coaches to your clients.

3.  Organisation account

For the organisation who wants to recommend certain coaches to their employees/members/followers.

4. Supplier account

Sell their work (royalty free photos, illustrations, fonts, music) at the resource market (iphone only).

Payment gateway

we want it to be safe and secure

We cooperate with one of the largest, most acknowledged and secure payment gateways: Stripe.

You may save your card details to make it easier to buy albums (or you fill them out every time you buy). You details will not be stored in the app but only handled with Stripe. You may at all times reach your personal details at Stripe from the app and change or erase the details.

Stripe makes it possible for us to distribute the income directly when the purchase is taking place. In other words, the coach gets their cut straight away.