Are you a coach, lecturer or inspirer?

Do you offer recordings to your clients such as

or recordings of your coaching sessions?

You know it is not an easy task to share your recordings

  • Recordings can be too big to be sent via e-mail. Bigger files need to be sent via a file sharing service, uploaded on your home page or shared via a Dropbox type of service.
  • Your clients prefers to receive the files directly in their mobile. When they do not, it causes technical issues which might be directed to you.

You know that it is not an easy task to charge for your recordings

  • It is expensive to develop an app of your own and if you do, it can be hard to get back the investment.
  • The current market places for recordings, such as Spotify, Apple Music etc, their business logic (how they package and charge for the recordings and how they reward the Artists) does not match up how a coach works.
  • Recordings that are not packaged in a nice way are difficult to charge for.


you do not have recordings of your own

  • You do not have the time, knowledge or resources to create recordings.
  • Or simply, you do not want to do it.
  • You prefer to recommend others exercises (which means you loose the opportunity to create additional sales.)


We have a solution for you

A tailor-made marketplace for both the coach and the client.

Easy to start 1

It is free of charge for you to 

  • download the app 
  • create an account
  • create and share your recordings/exercises/albums.

No fixed cost.

No monthly cost.

Easy to start 2

You may create your album in the app or in your computer.

If you do the recordings and the editing of the images in your computer it is super easy to import the files into the app.

When you share your album to the marketplace it is you who decides what price to charge.

Your own home page

When you start sharing you will have an exclusive icon of your own with an underlaying home page showing all your recordings in one screen exclusively.

Easy to follow

It is fast and easy for your clients to find and follow you using the ”search & follow” function.

Your icon will be on on your clients home screen.

When you launch a new album, then your followers will get a notification. A ”flag” will also show on your icon indicating that you have launched a new album.

Easy to use

Your clients will have all the functionality they need to work with your exercises in an efficient way.

  • schedule with friendly reminders
  • inspirational cards
  • goal tracker

Easy to filter the marketplace

The market place is possible to filter in different ways

  • category
  • language
  • top list (downloads, likes)
  • price level. 

It is possible to search both albums and coaches.

There is also a ”others who likes what I like, also likes…” function.

Pre listen

The market place gives the interested person the possibility to pre listen each of your recordings for 30 sek.

Additional sales 1

When you launch a new album, then your followers will get a notification. 

A ”flag” will also show on your icon indicating that you have launched a new album.

Additional sales 2

The fact that all coaches using the app recommends their clients to use the app creates a great opportunity for you to get additional sales.

And the fact that you have all your recordings in one app under one profile (your profile) makes it easier for you to create additional sales.

Additional sales 3

Other coaches, who likes your work, can recommend their clients to buy your work. They will then get a kick back from you.

In the same fashion, for albums you recommend to your clients you will get a kick back.

This affiliate program is handled 100% automatically.

Additional sales 4

An organisation can create a profile of their own. They select the coaches they want to include in their profile (home page). Lastly they promote to all their members to use the exercises they have collected in their profile.

The organisation will get a kick back from all the selected coaches.

This affiliate program is also handled 100% automatically.

Additional sales 5

The users can easily share their experience to family and friends via social networks, mail or SMS. 

Additional sales 6

Because it is super easy and fast to launch a new album at any time you can launch and package a new album together with an activity/retreat/seminar you do.

Marketing campaign 1

If you want to lower your price during a specific time period, that shows to all, then you can create a campaign price.

Marketing campaign 2

You may also create a discount code that you can distribute in any way you like.

Go international

The app gives you the opportunity to launch the same album in different languages targeting different markets.


If something is wrong with your album you may easily update your album.


You can also choose to share an exercise or recorded session to a single client or a selected group of clients.

Short time to market

From the moment you have finished recording, to the moment they are accessable to your followers/clients in your app, it does not need to take many minutes.

Earnings 1

The clients only pays for the albums they download. 

(The app itself is free of charge to download as well as the usage of the albums are free.)

The biggest part of the money goes to you (the coach). myCoach’n’I gets a smaller part of the transaction.

Earnings 2

Inside the app you can follow your sales statistics as well as your earnings.

You will get your money as soon as myCoach’n’I have received the money from Apple/Google.

The current revenue split shows in our agreement that you can read in the app.

I want to get started

  1. Download the app (see link below)
  2. In the app, create an account
  3. Create and share your album
  4. Tell your clients