About us

About us

How can some fellow humans:

  • step up under stressful conditions instead of trying to run away and hide?
  • successfully change a habit instead of staying as they always have been?

We believe that anyone can be taught to change out their limiting beliefs in order to… 

  • increase performance
  • change a habit
  • get rid of phobia
  • etc

Getting rid of limiting beliefs will get you closer to live your life to the fullest and reach you full potential. To be the ”real you”.

We believe that we, the human beings, in general are using only a small part of our brains. We believe that ”we” can do better. We believe that there are many more ”doors” that can be opened. There are many limiting beliefs that can be tore down. There are work to be done to use our minds better.

One known method to expand our minds is to listen to guided exercises (mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, visualisation, etc). This is one part what our app, myCoach’n’I is all about.

Ex: Some athletes always perform at their best when they are under extreme pressure. Other athletes perform at their worst under the same conditions. What are the differences? Both has the same training background. They have the same physical status. They have the same personal record. What makes them perform differently under extreme pressure? We believe the answer to be: It is all about the mind.

The person who performs his worst can learn to perform better under extreme pressure. He needs to  change out the negative internal representations (limiting beliefs) and replace them/trigger with new positive internal representations instead. To change the thoughts, the mind. To like/enjoy the pressure instead of feel fear and run away. With the right coach, this can be done.

And that is another part what this app is about, to link the clients with the coaches.

We hope to contribute to the great mind expansion in the world. The outcome and possibilities are enormous. 


The myCoach’n’I team

myCoach’n’I is a brand owned by:

Kreativ Insikt AB
Kungsgatan 41
18534 Vaxholm