Frequently Aksed Questions

What happen when I change phone, do I have to pay again for all my albums/deck of cards?

No, myCoach’n’I remembers all your purchases. Next time you tap on the ”Buy” button the album/deck of card will download immediately.

How can I delete an album/deck of cards?

You hold the finger 3-5 seconds on the icon. A cross will show. Tap on the cross and the album/deck of cards will be erased.

I have a client account, can I create an album/deck of cards even if I do not have a registered company?

Absolutely. That will work. The only thing you can not do, is to put them up for sales at The Plaza.

I am a business owner, how do I do to sell my royalty free images.

Download the app myCoach’n’I or myInspiration. Register first as a user then as a seller. After that you will get more information how to do. Read more under resources.

Will my royalty free images, music and fonts show in all apps or do I have to upload my content in many places?

You only need to write one agreement and upload them in one place and the technology will take care of the rest.

I want to listen to an album before I buy, is that possible?

Yes you may. In the album info screen you can listen the first 30 seconds of each track.

When I create an album, what file format shall I use for the recording?

We recommend 192 kbps MP3.

AAC also works.